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Diesel Marijuana Strain [The Complete Review]

The Diesel line of cannabis has a long history dating back to the beginning of the ‘90s. And no, it wasn’t the result of expert breeding over time. This is a strain that was discovered by chance, in the form of 13 seeds in a bag of what was thought to be sinsemilla. Today, Diesel is one of the most popular strains of the modern age.

The Diesel strain is one of the best selling varieties in the United States and has given rise to many other varieties such as Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel, Jack Diesel, and more. Diesel genetics typically have high levels of THC and powerful, energetic highs. But Diesel isn’t only famous for delivering an incredibly powerful hit. It’s also popular for its uniquely intense and distinctive aroma and flavor.

You can find a wide range of traits in the Diesel family. Most are sativa-dominant, but not all. Today, we will be looking at the strain that is responsible for starting the whole Diesel trend. Find out more in our Diesel marijuana strain review.

What Is the Diesel Marijuana Strain?

Diesel weed is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 70/30 sativa-indica ratio. It’s well-known to many cannabis smokers out there and has many desirable traits for budding growers, as well as for people whose interests are purely smoking. If we’re honest, you can’t really call yourself a cannabis fan if you are not familiar with what Diesel is all about.

Having lent its genetics and name to more hybrids than any other strain, the original Diesel strain is not as legendary as its offsprings but is a critical part of pot history. Initially, a Mexican sativa was combined with Afghani to create the truly incredible Diesel strain.

Diesel has an international following that lets you know that you’re onto something good.

With a THC level of around 16%, Diesel is quite a hard-hitting strain, but it’s not potent enough to overwhelm experienced smokers. The high is invigorating with an immediate two-hour energy boost. You’ll be bouncing off the walls and coming up with interesting and innovative ideas in no time.

The high is mostly cerebral, so you don’t have to worry about a heavy body feeling. There is pretty much no chance of couchlock. The effects are gentle and bearable, and the creative energy will make you want to do something awesome. Over time, the cerebrally stimulating and euphoric sensation turns into a great feeling of relaxation.


The key characteristic of the Diesel strain is the citrus-diesel aroma and flavor. First, an instant blast of sugary-citrus goodness will hit you. The smell is comparable to sugar-coated Rice Krispies and freshly cut fruits, like citrus and mandarin. When ground up, it smells a lot more like diesel fuel and grapefruit.


The flavor certainly doesn’t disappoint, offering a decent hit of the fruitiness from the aroma, but with more pronounced sourness. When smoking the strain, you will find that it has a grapefruit berry taste during the inhale. Although it can be a bit sour, it’s still very smooth.


Diesel is a relatively big marijuana plant and has an open and branchy, pine-shaped structure. The jagged and elongated leaves feature a beautiful, light-green coloring, and the buds are large, dense, elongated, and resinous.

Diesel Strain Grow Info

The Diesel strain can grow both indoors and outdoors. It grows vigorously and does well with moisture and diseases; two important aspects that make this bud a safe bet. In ideal growing conditions, the plants reach up to 3 meters, and if you’ve got the space, this is a surprisingly easy strain to grow.

Indoor plants have a short flowering period of between 60 to 70 days and produce yields of approximately 475g/m². Outdoor plants can get rather tall and are ready to harvest in mid-October. You can expect yields of about 950g/plant.

Despite the ability of this plant to adapt to any type of situation, she is most at ease and reaches her full potential in dry and temperate climates. But, if you’re cultivating indoors, using SOG or SCROG methods is the best way to get the most out of her.

Everything you need to know about the Diesel marijuana strain, including effects, benefits, potency, grower's guide, and more.

Beisel strain

I just got my first eight of Mimoas, first toke and I knew it was either a diesel or moldy, not the best tasting stuff unless you like puffing pencil shavings. The high is average (I grew up in the opium dipped tai-stick days, so the myth that weed is stronger now, don’t fly with me). All weed has some anxiousness to it in the first 15 minutes – just the opposite of booze which starts out mellow and later your head is in the toilet. Growing up in Washington State – I’m a big fan of that NW pine taste. I’ll pass on the diesels.

You wonder if it’s working, then suddenly it kicks in. At the start it gives me a slight concern over nausea but that goes away in about 10 min. The taste might be a bit sour but it’s not horrible. Besides the start, after about 20 to 30 min I’m able to do whatever I need to and function properly. Gives great energy and a feeling of excitement. Shoulder pain also dissappears at this stage.

Diesel is a sativa dominant hybrid with a 30:70 indica/ sativa ratio. The nugs are incredibly large with bright orange hairs all the while being bright green in color. The buds are fairly dense and the orange hairs look as if though they are pouring out of the bud itself. Additionally, the bud is…