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Ordered my order start of March, still waiting. For 3 weeks the package has been coming up “in transit”. Called UPS and they have confirmed something is not right. They have said contact the sender, which I have. They’re reply is

“ Brexit and COVID have created crazy backlogs in some parts in the country, we have seen the same situation repeating since 1st January.

If they keep updating the delivery date means that the parcel is not lost or astray but they’re physically unable to include them in their daily route. We’ll ask for an urgent update but we’re confident it will be delivered in the next days.”

I am not happy with this as this was a week ago. I want a full refund now as UPS have confirmed this is not right and I should have it by now. This review will be removed the moment I receive my money back. As I know my seeds are no longer coming.! What a waste of time.

Bad azz kush poor yield

Well. I dont like to drop reviews without giving the chance for the company to make it up. but because I got their seeds from an authorised supplier and not directly, I am not gonna give 1 star.

Seeds: Bad Azz Kush

Very poor yield, almost none for 5 plants. Can’t say how disappointed I’m. This year, I’m going to another seed bank where I can pick up directly from the supplier in Amsterdam in hope to a better experience growing this summer.

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25 seeds and 25 up

25 seeds and 25 up. Not often do I have a miss from these guys. Some strains pop faster and some are really slow.

Alot of these bad reviews are not from…

Alot of these bad reviews are not from growers but novices or rookies who should blame their mistakes on themselves. 95% of all poor germination rates or hermies_males are based of inexperience growers. Ive been growing with BARNEYS FARM strains since I first started growing and haven’t had any of these ridiculous problems.
I have grown about 5 or 6 barneys farms photoperiod strains and even won plant of the month with their gorilla skittlz strain (and was entered into plant of the year on
which was one of the most beautiful plants I’ve ever seen.
I prefer DUTCH PASSION for their genetics but BARNEYS FARM has a ton to choose from and the price is right and the yeild is there and the genetics are stable enough.
I was growing 5 seeds at a time of 4 different strains and had at least a 80% germ rate. All my females were female and have only had one runt out of 30 or 40 seeds.
For instance the CRITICAL KUSH I grew from barneys farm all 5 sprouted and I yeilded 3.75 ounces per plant on a 3 week veg and 8 week flower.
The THC and CBD levels on this strain would take you for a ride you never wanted to end.

Again theres better genetics out there but for the beginner or novice this is a great seed bank with lots to choose from.

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Its too bad these clowns think they have the right to give a bad review on a genebank when they couldn’t grow a healthy cannabis plant to begin with.

HYBRIDS will never be as stable as the old stock genetics. This is fact. Know what your buying. And review the strain before you grow. The only person you can blame for your misfortune is yourself. I have a 90+% success rate germinating any seed from any seedbank.
When I first started growing my success rate was 60 to 80%

It is 100% user error 95% of the time when popping seeds. Not the genebank or seedbank

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