banana pie strain

Banana pie strain

got some of this today off my guy and had to look it up. i havent smoked it yet but before i do i will say this. HOLY SHIT BALLS IT ACTUALLY SMELLS LIKE BANANA!! like with many whiskies and alcohols there a certain flavours and notes thats are described to be in a certain drink or smoke but i often find myself wondering how the hell someone got that description from the taste! this however smells no bull shit more like banana muffin then weed! both smells are present but the banana smell is amazing! just finished chopping up, salute boys and girls.

Banana Pie is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain (75% indica/25% sativa) created through crossing the classic Banana Kush X Cherry Pie strains. When it comes to the flavor department, this bud takes the cake (or pie). Banana Pie packs a sweet cherry berry flavor with hints of fresh bananas an…