atomic northern lights seeds

Atomic Northern Lights

Indica 65 / Sativa 35
Origins: stable hybrids from Holland & Northwest U.S.
Flowering: 50-65 days
Harvest: mid October

Atomic Northern Lights has a history that spans continents. Afghani indica seeds were brought to the Northwest U.S. in the 1980s, then crossed with a Thai Haze and stabilized indoors because of the rainy, inhospitable weather. After a stint in the Northwest U.S., this variety ventured to Holland, where it continued to be developed and stabilized by Sensi as the notorious, award-winning Northern Lights. Seeds from this three-time Cannabis Cup winner were brought back to Canada by Dr. Atomic, who hybridized it with distant relatives of the same variety that had never made the overseas voyage. Dr. Atomic reunited these distant relations, separated by continents for generations, creating a vigorous new strain that diversified the Northern Lights genetic source.

Atomic Northern Lights shows its indica heritage in its growth characteristics, producing a short stocky plant that has a relatively quick flowering time. The buzz has a wider bandwith than the typical indica-dominant variety, providing a balanced mind and body high that has an overall uplifting effect. Atomic Northern Lights is a smooth smoke with a sweet pungent flavor.

This classic, evergreen-tree-shaped plant is not too branchy and works well as a “pole pot”, staked with one center cola and up to four side colas that are smaller. If trimmed properly, Atomic Northern Lights works well in a sea of green. Dr. Atomic prefers soil growing methods, but this hardy plant will give satisfying results in most gardening setups.

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Atomic Northern Lights – hybrid cannabis marijuana weed strain. Strain description, growing tips, and where to buy seeds.