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Arnold Palmer strain insights

The best live resin carts are strain-specific. Because the cannabis inside is flash frozen just after being harvested, all of the flavor and aroma you get when you use that live resin is going to be all-natural and all from the plant itself.

This means that before you go out and buy live resin for your vape, you need to know which strain you prefer.

Do you want something soothing and hard-hitting? Something light which will give you energy? Something which tastes herbal? Sweet? Or citrusy?

In this article, we’ll consider one of your options in-depth. The Arnold Palmer cannabis strain:

The Arnold Palmer cannabis strain

Arnold Palmer is a sativa-dominant strain of cannabis. It’s not always that easy to find. Even information about it on the internet is relatively limited at time of writing. (That’s one of the reasons why KIND concentrates featuring it as an option among its live resin oil cartridges is so exciting.)

This relatively little-known strain is a hybrid of the Lemon Skunk and Redwood strains and is weighted roughly 80% in favor of the sativa portion of its heritage.

Arnold Palmer – effects

This particular strain of marijuana – whether you use it as the plant itself or in your live resin cartridges – is known for producing an uplifting, energizing effect soon after inhaling.

Most users comment on the motivational advantages as well as the fact that it is a significant help rather than a hindrance when it comes to mental challenges or when there’s a need to get creative.

These cerebral, energizing effects don’t fall away over time either. The Arnold Palmer strain is known for having a long-lasting effect. As such, it’s commonly suggested for people who need some kind of relief in the morning and still wish to have a highly productive day.

Arnold Palmer – flavors and aromas

The scent of the Arnold Palmer strain is a skunky citrus with sour notes and the slightly earthy, woody undertone common to many similar cannabis strains.

Those earthy, more herbal notes combine with the slight sourness and crisp lemon citrus to create a powerfully refreshing flavor to every exhale of Arnold Palmer. Users who indulge for an extended time or who need greater relief will find that those sour notes gradually become sweeter with use.

Arnold Palmer may offer relief for

Arnold Palmer is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with a high 17-25% average THC level. Bearing in mind the fact that the plant itself – as well as full spectrum products such as KIND live resin cartridges created from this strain – benefit from the Entourage Effect, this means it has a high degree of potency.

The Entourage Effect is the magnifying power which happens when all elements of the cannabis plant work together.

These qualities mean that Arnold Palmer has been suggested for the relief of conditions such as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic stress
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite

Arnold Palmer – appearance

You can identify plants of the Arnold Palmer strain by the orange-amber color of the crystals and thin orange hairs which populate the buds and its broad, roundly triangular green nugs.

So who was Arnold Palmer?

Arnold Palmer was one of the most famous golfers the world has ever known. From the 1950s onward, he won 62 PGA Tour titles and is widely credited with being one of – if not the – greatest ambassador for the sport of all time. He may even have been one of the first sports superstars of the television age.

So what does golf have to do with this particular strain of cannabis?

Nothing at all! In this case, it is Palmer’s famous predilection for ordering a specific non-alcoholic iced tea and lemonade beverage concoction at any given opportunity which is important here. Some say he invented the drink himself.

The name which that drink has been given? The “Arnold Palmer”. It’s known for being light and refreshing, qualities – and even the zesty tea taste of which – are said to be found in the Arnold Palmer cannabis strain too.

If you like the taste of an Arnold Palmer drink, you may have found the perfect thing to put in your live resin cartridge as well.

Where to buy Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer isn’t one of the strains of marijuana which is easiest to get hold of. KIND cartridges are, in fact, one of the few places you can find it commercially at high quality levels.

See what makes the Arnold Palmer strain so special. KIND Live Resin carts filled with AP can be found in AZ, OK and CA dispensaries.

6 Cannabis Strains to Blaze during Fall

by Wikileaf – September 2, 2017

If you live in a temperate climate, some things just taste better in fall. While there’s certainly nothing stopping you from drinking mulled cider on a hot summer day or an ice-cold Arnold Palmer in the dead of winter, there’s something undeniably satisfying about associating some tastes and smells with specific seasons. Whether you’re looking to start hibernating early or trying to make the most of the tail end of summer, here’s our list of some of the best and most flavorful strains to welcome the onset of shorter days and cooler temperatures.

Girl Scout Cookies

Popular hybrid Girl Scout Cookies, crossed between OG Kush and Durban Poison, is a heavy hitter that gives you the best of cerebral intensity and comfortable body melt. The taste is mostly citrus and earth, with just a little sweetness on the exhale. Girl Scout Cookies comes on full-force: feelings of sudden giddiness are common, which can escalate into full-on euphoria.
There’s also a trippy, psychedelic component to the physical high. While you may not get pinned down, you might get a kick out of little things like scratching an itch or showering. Depending on your area, this strain’s more innocent namesake — the baked goods that benefit the Girl Scouts of America — go on sale starting in September. But even if you can’t find Tagalongs or Thin Mints for your hibernation snacking, this strain should provide all the comfort you need for a brisk fall afternoon.

Tahoe OG

Tahoe OG is a hybrid strain with true West Coast cred. It is a cross between OG Kush and SFV OG and has all the heavy Kush properties of one parent with fresh ocean-grown flavor from both. The buds are large and very dense with a purple tint to the green leaves. The dried flowers have a fresh lemon scent with just a hint of chemical ammonia tang. When lit up, this strain smells slightly spicy. Smoke is surprisingly smooth and tastes dank and citrusy on exhale. The heavy body high ramps up quickly, melting away stress and tension.

Any mental stimulation comes in the form of hazy daydreaming, rather than intense focus.

Whether you’re home alone or kicking back with friends, this is definitely a better choice for nighttime. Take a toke and close your eyes – you can almost feel like you’re sipping hot cocoa in a Tahoe cabin as waves lap at the dock outside.


S.A.G.E. is a sativa-dominant hybrid crossed from an Afghani landrace and an original Haze strain. Its name refers to its appealing herbal scent, but is also an acronym for Sativa/Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. Buds of S.A.G.E. are ve ry leafy but fluffy and loose like those of pure sativas. The deep sage scent of the buds makes for a herbal, woody taste with a hint of fruit. With equal parts cerebral buzz and body stone, S.A.G.E. comes on quickly. Users describe a mostly tranquil, lightheaded high that persists longer than average. These potent, well-rounded effects can lend themselves to either motivation for daytime tasks or to focused relaxation. This strain can be particularly creative, and its woody, earthy flavor profile is tailor-made for a daytime hike through some vibrant changing leaves.


Ewok is a crowd-pleasing hybrid with a good balance between head and mind that’ll leave you feeling like you’re swinging through the treetops of Endor. A cross between sativa-dominant Tahoe Alien and indica-heavy Albert Walker,

Ewok won Best Hybrid in the 2013 Cannabis Cup.

Woodsy pine and fresh citrus make up most of this strain’s scent profile, while some hashy undertones come through from the Afghani grandparent strain. Smoke is super smooth and has airy notes of lemon and tangerine. The high begins with a sharpening of the senses and a concentrated focus, great for vibing out with music or getting mundane tasks done. Within an hour, a more lazy, cloudy body high kicks in. This is an awesome daytime smoke but because of its later indica onset, don’t plan on being out and about in demanding circumstances for the duration of your high.

Jack Skellington

What could be a better tribute to the Skeketon King and mayor of Halloweentown than a bomb sativa hybrid? Jack Skellington is a cross between Killer Queen and Jack the Ripper that clears the mind and induces euphoria and introspective creativity. The pungent dried flowers smell fruity and citrusy and have a skunky diesel odor and taste when smoked.

Although higher doses can induce a state of confusion and mind-race, Jack Skellington can be a great choice to relieve stress and anxiety. The euphoric properties may also help regulate mood disorders, and some may find that it alleviates migraines and headaches. It can be very good for meditative purposes as well. Buds reportedly carry a THC of around 15%, making this strain a great daytime smoke for an afternoon of apple picking — or for some creative inspiration before a last-minute trip to the Halloween costume store.

Maple Leaf Indica

Maple Leaf Indica is one of the more fragrant, flavorful indicas — its spicy flavor profile makes it a perfec t first course (or second course, or dessert course, or palate cleanser) for Thanksgiving. An entirely pure Indica strain descended from an original Afghani landrace variety, Maple Leaf has a mildly skunky, piney aroma; the taste is more like incense and cloves with a sweet hint of maple in the background. This strain has a powerful body high that can knock out inexperienced users. Often described as narcotic and calming, Maple Leaf Indica also provides some subtle mental stimulation, making it suitable for meditation or a post-meal nap.

Many describe Maple Leaf Indica as a potent aphrodisiac

— it could be the perfect thing for a cozy, romantic weekend road trip.

Say no to PSL and yes to our list of the best strains for shorter days and cooler temperatures.