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Archive Seed Bank

Alchimia proudly presents Archive Seed Bank, a US seed bank founded by much-respected breeders who have been active for more than 35 years in the North American cannabis scene.

Archive, based in Portland, Oregon, brings together passionate and experienced growers who want to share the best of their collection of cannabis genetics.

These varieties, offered in the form of regular seeds, are selected from amongst the best varieties of cannabis strains that have most impressed Archive’s growers, enabling them to offer us truly first-class genetics.

Among the flagship genetics of Archive, we should pay special attention to Face Off OG Bx2, second backcross of the Face/Off OG #4, an OG Kush variety with deep aroma and a pronounced potent effect.

In the Archive catalogue we can also find top quality hybrids from the Face Off OG Kush line like Casper OG, Designer OG or Rocket Fuel, a cross between the famous Jet Fuel OG and the male Face Off OG Bx1.

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