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is anesia seeds company a scam ?

ppgreen posted at the 12.01.2017, 14:07

hello people outhere, i discovered anesia company and what seems to be beautiful breeding here and went to their site , pick a few , and payed throught money transfert(i know, it sounds stupid. ). aftera week , and receiving no precious letter and no answer from their contact, i was wondering if they are real, legit? scammers? and if so what da f. do they do on your site?

thanks for any information, i already think i’ve loose time and money. but stil wanted you to know about it!!have a green year

ppgreen answered at the 18.01.2017, 20:21

actually just got da seeds, so the answer is no ,it took is good 2 weeks, butit was well packaged , got few freebies, and because there’s no “real blog”, and they ‘ve never answered any mail, besides the actual oder, they lok like they’don’t wanna waist there time, they do good weed, they sell seeds, thats it, i will only complain if those seeds sucks totaly, but to me and from now their legit!!can’t wait to see a fight between bruce banner and gorilla glue for haze queen, gorilla gets the help from is “chemdog”, and then showing is big bazooka bruce makes the fatal win and spends the night with the hazequeen! end of the story , see ya for after grow.

FractaleChild answered at the 30.08.2018, 10:59

they are thieves and scum.
as soon as i paid for the seeds, they simply began to ignore any messages and attempts to contact. nothing was sent. I hope they die in agony.

Specially registered to warn that they are deceiving people.

guest commentated at the 04.03.2019, 22:54

I was also taken in by them. Scam scam scam. I good until payment received, then nothing. Save your money!

guest thinks about at the 06.03.2019, 00:57

Uuuuu.Just received my seed.My bad. I took over
A month but I got them. and some freebies.Now I feel bad!

guest answered at the 19.03.2019, 21:46

I too have been taken by this seed company very quick to give me their bank transfer info. Got notified by ups it was shipped. 2 weeks later ups notified me that anesia would not provide the proper export numbers to clear customs. Package was sent back and that was in dec it’s now mid March and several emails with absolutely no response. Sad thing is they have the one genetic that I’m looking for. I will warn anyone to avoid this lack luster company save you cash and go somewhere with customer service.

guest thinks about at the 23.03.2019, 20:33

Hi everyone we are and sell Anesia seeds genetics. They are 100% legit and top quality high thc genetics. Order them from us and checkout our Trustpilot reviews if you are unsure.
I do not know what has caused the above negative reviews but we have only known them to be excellent for over 2 years.

guest answered at the 30.03.2019, 12:52

Very good company top quality seeds

guest answered at the 06.04.2019, 23:46

ino problems with Anesia seeds .it’s tru they don’t answer our mail but when they get money ;I get my seeds . you can order with chosen seeds .you will pay with visa card it ‘ s more easy than the bank transfer .

guest commentated at the 28.06.2019, 20:28

Ordered may 16 now it’s june 28 and still nothing from the company. No tracking info, no seeds. Caught a guy online once and all he said was my order was shipped then he was offline again. Do not order from this company, I really wanted one of their genetics but I guess I should have just thrown my money in the garbage because it would have been the same result. DO NOT BUY FROM AMNESIA SEEDS.

guest commentated at the 01.07.2019, 08:42

To update my late May 16 order. Anesia doesn’t answer emails but if you message them on insta they get right back to you, old package was lost but a new one one the way! I take back what I said!

guest commentated at the 18.07.2019, 00:21

Top quality seeds. Not a scam excellent genetics.But the seeds did take a long time in the post. Also some of the landrace seeds Panama Red and the Thai are also very fine indeed

guest thinks about at the 02.12.2019, 02:26

I purchased 2 orders of over $400 about a month ago and have never received any emails back from them aside from the one stating that I purchased. I have sent countless emails and then I came to this page and saw somebody contacted them on Instagram so I tried to contact them on Instagram and they blocked me. Do not order from this company.

guest answered at the 06.12.2019, 11:55

We buy bulk from anesia never had any problems with them and contact has always been spot on.

Maybe its priority thing as upto recently they didn’t have any uk distributor.

Orders do take 2-3 weeks to arrive i admit that tho.

I would like to hear feedback on how they produce. they seem to sell well but never seeing feedback is always a worry.

SeedFinders Mini:Board is anesia seeds company a scam ? ppgreen posted at the 12.01.2017, 14:07 hello people outhere, i discovered anesia company and what seems to be beautiful breeding

Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seedbank develops very powerful, unique and productive genetics and delivers it to the cannabis market. The company uses hundreds of different varieties from more than 25 countries.

Anesia Seedbank is searching and scanning the cannabis world to find the best genetics. It develops and uses advanced breeding method and 100% organic production.

All strains are easy to grow, very strength and have high yielding.


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Последние отзывы

Wow, do these smell amazing. Virtually not ‘hay’ or ‘green’ smell early on during drying. Not as dense as Nova OG but tasts so much better. These have the greasy/oily feel vs. just sticky. When i snip it up in the shotglass, it cleans the sides as opposed to a layer of white-dried up triches. My Durban Poison harvest last year did this too.

A sweet candy smell mixed with something else. Almost like tasting skittles just from inhaling.

These can hit their advertised harvest marks for sure. NOG is probably a better yielder due to density of resulting nugs, but BBM is no slouch either. I’ve only got a 54oz jar filled from the BBM plant. So, it’s a minimum 2 oz plus any additional if denser than average based on filling that jar up in the past. I’ll be re-running this plant again as soon as the inhouse genetic seeds are out of the way.

Good potency. I’ve not smoked much as it is only 2 weeks from harvest. I want these to get a full cure so I can enjoy them properly. This is my first keeper plant. Like the smell, taste and most importantly potency.

Why 9 of 10? I doubt it is the ultimate due to small sample of my experience. Maybe a year from now i’ll look back on this and want to bump it to a “10” but at moment i think i can find better, still. I’ll hand out a 10 when something sets itself so far ahead of others that it is no opinion.

Update after longer cure — A unique aroma, but not as fruity as it once was. Tastes like it smells. These didn’t get as dense as i typically like, and that’s not high on my list either. Still a 9 of 10 but potency isn’t quite as good as initially thought. Nova OG is far stronger of the limited number of seeds that i popped.

These are great nugs, but not the taste I am going for. Other than that, it’s a great plant. Easy to grow. Nice tight, dense nugs.

I’m not weighing things anymore.. no reason to disturb them from the jars and such for an e-peen. It can be a good yielding plant based on density of nugs. Pack those colas in there and it’ll easily reach advertised yields.

Second run went smoothly. Clearly the fungal infection caused some abnormalities of the first run, but people sure did like those pictures, including the breeder. Shows you that the appearance on the outside is only part of the story.

Update after longer cure:

These have turned out much better than expected. Still not a taste i prefer, but potency is top-notch. When i smoke this, i can tell a difference from other strains in my current lineup – that’s difficult given my tolerance. Super dense nugs. Not the rocks like Ocean Grown Cookies, but dense nonetheless. I can’t plaace this smell.. call it flowery? slightly perfume-y? – but not an intense stereotypical after taste of that description. and maybe, woody?

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