all star seed company

All star seed company

Eight Star Commodities is committed to providing each customer their preferred forage requirements. We have been providing forage since 1984.

Since 1994, Allstar Seed Company has become a significant provider of Field Seeds, domestically and internationally.

Since 1990, Green Touch Fertilizer has been committed to providing natural fertilizers to customers in Imperial Valley.

The University of California at Davis reports Maestrale and Saragolla Durum Wheat seed varieties were the highest yielding varieties in the Imperial Valley over the last 3 years.

To guide our company in a manner that empowers it to serve God, honor the laws of the nation, state and community and build character by practicing ethical business standards. To produce the finest quality, consistent grade farm products that will surpass industry standards and reflect the highest degree of excellence. We will accomplish this through the development of teamwork in all areas of the business. To preserve the soil through proper practices of farm husbandry and conservation. To protect our human resources that so faithfully provides their services to this business each and everyday.