alaskan ice strain

Alaskan ice strain

Alaskan Ice Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
THC: 21%, CBD: 1%

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If I ever went hiking on this strain I would most likely end up doing 84 miles one way workout knowing it. If you’re tired this is the one to try. Very clear mind + energetic

Unique and distinct smell and taste, covered in hairs and a layer of trichomes. The organic phenotype I have looks very similar to a recent stash of exodus cheese I had, in relation to the shade of green and amount and color of hairs the buds are covered in, although the Alaskan lacks the cheesy flavor it definitely doesn’t disappoint with its earthy, spicy, and natural flavors that come thru a little spicy on the inhale and finish with an earthy natural yet extremely smooth exhale I find it overall very smooth and flavorful especially noticed with this 100% organically grown variety I acquired.

Alaskan Ice is a hybrid Sativa dominant marijuana strain that has an Indica/Sativa ratio of 30/70 percent. It is made by crossing Green House White Widow with Pure Haze. It has frosty green colored buds that have white crystals and golden yellow colored hair. It can be grown both, indoors and out…