afghan seeds feminized

Afghan seeds feminized

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      Customer Reviews

      While I plan on being an outdoor grower, I still starting them off indoors because it still sometimes drops to around 40 degrees at night here in NC and I want to ensure my plants get off to a good start.

      For anybody trying this for the first time indoors, make sure you have the right lighting so that your plants start off right, otherwise you will learn like I did that improper lighting will cause the stems to grow quicker than the leaves and you will have to support and constantly monitor them so that they don’t do a nose dive on you.

      I got the right lighting now and my plants are looking real good and healthy.

      Order high quality Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds, the best feminized strains from Amsterdam. Enjoy our FREE global shipping ✓Quality Seeds ✓Discrete ✓99% Germination ✓Seed Bank since 1996