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ACE Seeds

ACE Seeds is a group of breeders and cannabis lovers faithful to the safekeeping and studding of this great plant.

It wants to improve the failure of genetic variation and set back the endogenous depression that Cannabis strains are suffering at the moment. A.C.E. is offering pure, fresh and exceptional various of genetics.

Although ACE already counts with many medical uses based in Cannabis, the entire plant’s potential still isn’t used and it can offer more to the world.

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Full smoke report will be done after drying. Finger hash did bring me into deep space. Should be fantastic and super strong.

Full smoke report
I have been smoking Killer A5 Haze for quite some time now, and experienced it in every occasion. Phenotype grown here has a lot of Haze A influence. It shows in effects, taste and look. Not a bad thing!! Let’s talk a little more about those 3 things.

EFFECTS: High is clean. Not what I expected, but what I needed in my pantry. Perfect for morning smoke with just enough kick and sativa head rush to make a magic start every morning. Not heavy (for me) but still some high thc stuff. It gives that little electric buzz but leaves a positive open mind offset. No couch lock. It is also great for end of day energy boost and stress releaf smoke. Gives a nice mood enhancer with almost zero crash and no paranoia. One of the most enjoyable and well suited for me strain I have ever smoke.

TASTE: The taste is pure haze with the nutty touch found in Malawi 1. It is very pleasant, rich, woody, nutty and lemony. It is smooth but full of aromas that can be tasted till the end of the joint.

LOOK: Buds grown in elongated colas with classic haze leafy bud structure. Small trichomes, sugar leaves pattern around calyxes and fluffy not dense flowers. To the touch you can feel the resin and oil when you crumble it. The heavy resin content makes it easy to roll nice fat joints.

Malawi have a lot to offer. This plant is not the same phenotype has the other I have grown. I can tell from the smell. I am drying this plant and will update a full smoke report.

I have been smoking Malawi for a few days and feel like it is time to update

Malawi is the strongest weed I have ever smoke. I live in Canada; the only country it is fully legal to produce distribute and use re-creative cannabis. Multi million dollar company fighting against each other in pheno hunt and breeders associations. This strain stands out.

Malawi have a very fast and strong onset. High slams the forehead with a wave of heat from the very firsts hits. Eyes becomes heavy. As you smoke it inhalations are like a jab you receive and leaving you in a state of semi consciousnesses as what the fuck is going on. From first till last hit. This weed is very strong, hallucinogenic. This drug is vey disruptiv. Mind is getting disconnected from body like a different entity from body. Vision is distored a bit, and it is definitely more on the couch lock category because of it’s potency and effects. But forget about following a movie!! It is still very nice to smoke and perfect for week end or after work. Taste turned Tropical fruity, Nutty, hint of Vanilla and Pine.

Yield was medium. Quarter pound total of dried bud for a 2×2 plant meaning potebtially a pound for a 4×4, under 1000w.

Zamaldelica hits so quickly. Effect was felt t even before I finished the joint. Mainly because Zamaldelica effect was so strong. Heavy head hit, dizzying high, then there was no choice but to lay down until the effect wears off.

To me, smell is like a green mango mixed with nutty earthy sort of aroma. Certainly is different from sour/lemony Sataiva that I am accustom to. On the other hand, taste and smell is not impressive

Zamaldelica effect is best used when you are alone. It is funny and mood lifting. After smoking, there seemed to be an abundant for energy except that it is very difficult to get up and do anything.

There is no substitute for photoperiod Zamaldelica effect.

This is for connoisseurs who have everything already. Zamaldelica high is great but in very small amount. It is not for day time use. The high is Sativa but it is so strong to the point of incapacitating. I recommend blending it with some other weed to give the mix some energy. Zamaldelica is not for social occasion nor for outdoor activities. It would be dangerous to smoke Zamaldelica and go out. Smoke Zamaldelica in a safe and secure setting.

My overall rating is 7 – Zamaldelica is a difficult to grow with psychedelic trip. It is only for hardcore Sativa crowd.

9 for effect – good Sativa high but so damn strong.
9 for grow vigor – clone easily and veg very well
7 for low resistance – there are other diseases than botrytis and powder mildew.
7 for high variation in phenotypes – three female plants out for five regular seeds behaved very differently.

6 for long ass flowering time. I am spoiled by modern high potency rudelaris blend polyploids.

-this is a 10 stars strain, first rating cannot be changed.

Phenotype 1: This one was very Sativa while growing. Very narrow finger leaves with long internodes. At harvest time, the smell was sweet, lemony, with a hint of oil. Once dried, it reminds me old school C99 and Jack H. Very nice smell. As it is curing, tne nutty taste takes over (hazelnut, roasred peanut). Buds are covered in small trichomes, airy, light green with deep orange pistils. Plant was not grown in optimal conditions as it was so small.

Smoke test was perform in morning with about 0,75g. of buds rolled in joint.

At the very first hit I felt deep intense effect. Warm in the eyes, the front of the head. After the 3rd hit and so, feelings were already intense like I usually get from a joint of top shelf dispensaries. It has very fast onset. Smoking the rest of the joint was hard. But I did what I had to do!
Taste is tropical fruits and nuts (hazelnut). Smoke is deep, rich and creamy, leaving a coaty feeling around your lips.

Effects are not on the ‘Energetic-creative’ spectrum. Effects are warm with a mix of deep head and body. At first you feel the psychedelic effects: your brain is slower than eyes, feeling a bit disoriented, eyes get to focus on things while the rest feel distorted. I over did it and should have ate before, feeling a bit of nausea. Effects are powerful and a bit sedative, feeling focused and lost. Very trippy like if you over do-it on edibles. When ACE says don’t drive under this they are right on and spot on. I am gonna have to try with a redbull (or coffee for those who likes it. ) to get more intense effects and get moving.
So not a day smoke. Feelings are intense but very enjoyable. Not for beginners.

Phenotype 2: Sample test was done in same conditions as the other one. Effects happened to be very similar but a little less physical-narcotic. Taste and appearance are hard to describe and enjoy as it was a 2 gram harvest and half of it is stem and branches.

I really recommend this strain. Don’t be intimidated to grow a sativa landrace indoor in tent. Do not follow the breeder’s advice to flower plant from seeds or as soon as clone as rooted. Also this strain does not require extra lightening standard 35-50 watts of HID or high end LED per sq. foot is perfect. Just like with other strains more watts will require CO2 supplement for the plant to use it. I tried it. Too much light (75+ w. per sq ft) is lowering growth rate.
Strain is resilient to heat and dry air.

I am trying to choose from the emoticon bellow to describe the high but non of them really apply.

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