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CBD ACDC Feminized

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The abbreviation ACDC brings to mind the epic Australian rock band. In the therapeutic cannabis-loving cohort, however, the name belongs to a heavy-hitting anxiolytic and painkiller. It contains an astounding average of 18% CBD level and only 1% of THC. Such ratio allows it to produce profound therapeutic results with little to no cerebral high. Even better, the Cannatonic phenotype can reverse the adverse effects of THC like heightened anxiety or paranoia.

Of rich earthy flavor, every hit also comes with subtle notes of citrus and pine. It is the embodiment of a restorative cannabis — brimming with health-giving properties that can ease stress, anxiety, fatigue, inflammation, and chronic pain. Not only that, the bud is also potent enough to reduce epileptic seizures and combat the side effects of chemotherapy.

If the alleviative prowess of CBD ACDC is needed, health-conscious users have plenty of consumption and application options. It can be inhaled, eaten, delivered sublingually or as a suppository, or applied on the skin. That said, ACDC or any CBD-rich products can put a massive dent on the wallet, especially if needed for regular use. To lessen the financial impact of the medication, consider growing the plant and harvesting a personal stash.

The feminized ACDC CBD seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co thrive best indoors. If environmental aspects like the lighting schedule, temperature, and humidity are favorable, the ladies are sure to be fruitful. Its yield potential in optimal controlled settings is more significant than the usual. Plus, it flourishes well in any medium, so existing or any preferred setups can be used.

Growing CBD ACDC Feminized Seeds

Creating a medication must be done with utmost care. After all, the health and well-being of the person using it rides on its quality. In the same way, the potency of CBD ACDC relies heavily on how much pampering it received from seed to harvest. It needs skilled hands and an ideal home to produce superior, medical-grade buds.

While that may sound intimidating, there are straightforward aspects of growing CBD ACDC as well. It grows well in both organic soil and hydroponic media. Hence, any medium would do as long as proper feedings are followed. During the vegetative stage, only give half of the recommended volume of nutrients. Then, come flowering, increase to full feeding for maximum bud production. Do not give more as the plant is sensitive to overfeeding.

Moreover, CBD ACDC has a thin foliage of slender-fingered leaves and long internodal gaps. Such attributes allow ample light penetration and air circulation. That being the case, moisture buildup and pathogen attacks are rarely an issue with this unless environmental conditions are not correctly regulated.

Additionally, the flora requires little to no training. However, high-stress training (HST) helps achieve a short yet well-branched growth, bigger cropping, and increased CBD production. If this is not the preferred technique, pruning is also a good option. It keeps the energy focused on developing the uppermost buds.

As mentioned, CBD ADCD is best grown indoors. It requires a consistent temperature of 20 to 26 °C and a semi-humid atmosphere. After flowering for 10 weeks, a massive stash of up to 650 grams of therapeutic buds for every square meter can be dried and cured. Cultivating outdoors in places blessed with the warmth of a Mediterranean climate is also fruitful — up to 500 grams per plant. Ensure perfect timing, though, as the Sativa must be done fruiting before temperatures start dropping. In the northern hemisphere, this is around mid to late October.

Fragrance and Flavor

Old-school with a whip of fun, the hint of sweet citrus in CBD ACDC elevates its earthiness. It also comes with subtle spice and pine-like undertones that makes the aroma even more delightful to the olfaction. The same characteristics are found in its flavor profile as well. Expect an herbal taste with the sour splash of lemon and the woody sweetness of sandalwood. There is a pepper-like spiciness, too, that leaves a bit of heat on the lips.


Although not prevalent, there is a realm in the enormous cannabis landscape that uses medicinal marijuana for recreation. CBD ACDC, for instance, is enjoyed in leisure for its ability to uplift the mood, clear the mind, as well as increase focus and mental energy. Yes, experiencing a high is out of the picture. However, the absence of THC and its psychoactive effect allow the other features of the plant to stand out.

That is not all. The variant also produces a head to toe calm that ensures no jittery effect. Such influence, along with the psychological sway of the bud, grants users the freedom to do what is desired without lethargy and discomfort. Most definitely better than getting lost in a high, it is without the threat of paranoia or heightened anxiety.

Feminized CBD ACDC Seeds

Rocking out CBD ACDC guarantees deep-body relaxation and a clear, happy mind. What is more, it diminishes the symptoms of pain, inflammation, stress, depression, and even epilepsy. To obtain its benefits, the strain can be inhaled, eaten, applied on the skin, delivered sublingually, or as a suppository. CBD products can be quite expensive, though, so, apart from choosing the consumption method, also consider growing a personal stash.

For an optimal harvest, cultivate CBD ACDC feminized seeds indoors. Constantly monitor factors such as lighting schedule, temperature, and humidity as the strain is sensitive to inconsistent conditions. It can also be grown outdoors in sunshiny locations with a Mediterranean climate. Just give the Homegrown Cannabis Co plant what it necessitates, and it will take care of your therapeutic needs.

The CBD ACDC Feminized strain is a Mostly Sativa marijuana seed, The highway to heaven., with Sativa Dominant & Light-Medium Yieds