4 weeks from seed

What is the average size for 3 weeks from seed?

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Normal?? Average?? A seedling is the size it is. Kind of like an infant weighs what it weighs. The point to be concerned about is their health.

It looks fine. you may want to take a look here though:

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Welcome to RIU, and the wonderful world of cultivating the world’s most misunderstood and feared medicines.

The only ‘advice’ I can give you or anyone is to read and learn and then apply what you have read and learned to your garden and you cannot fail. Anyways, remember the search tool is your friend. Lots of folks here willing to help a new farmer get up and growing. But at the end of the day your grow will be only as good as the knowledge and work you put into it.

It is always great to ask questions but do not take anyone’s advice or opinions and follow blindly. Do your own research, you will be much happier knowing you have done it for yourself and by yourself. The first buzz you get from your own budz. is by far the BEST high you will ever have!

Do a search using your current question as the keyword(s) and ZOOOM!! Like Wonka’s Great Glass Elevator…off you go to tons of threads answering all your questions. Read all the Newbie Central stickies and learn…

After that you are a seasoned vet. Because to soak up all that information and sift through it, is going to take time. You will likely finish your first grow by then. Viola! grow complete and education well under way.

ive been looking a lot for the average size and I just can't seem to find it, in 4 weeks some are 5 inches. At 5 weeks some are already 12 inches. My plant…